Appraisal – Evaluation Form


Evaluation form is a critical component in the employee performance evaluation. Job position specific evaluation form can help the employee and the manager provide accurate feedback around the performance.

For the appraisal cycle to happen, each job position has to have an evaluation form attached. If the evaluation form is not attached, the manager or the HR manager may not be able to start an appraisal cycle for an employee.

Athri enables the Administrator to auto generate an evaluation form for a job position. This form is generated based on the activities defined under a job position. Employee fills out the tasks performed by him for each activity during the appraisal cycle. Rating is based on a one to ten scale with 1 denoting a poor performance and 10 being excellent.

Administrator has the choice of using the system generated evaluation form (or) a custom designed form. To design a custom form, refer the Form designer section.

Refer below for the exact steps to attach an evaluation form for a Job position.

  1. Sign-in to Athri.
  2. Go to "Manage" -> "Job position"
  3. From the Job position list, identify the Job position to change.
  4. Click the "Change" button.
  5. In the Job Position Change Screen, click the "Appraisal" tab.
  6. You can "search and attach" an existing form (or) you can let the system generate a new form by clicking the "Generate new form" button.
1. Can I make changes to the "System Generated Form" using the form designer? Yes. You can make changes using the form designer. The changes will be seen by the employee and the manager. 2. The job position has NO activities. Will I be able to do appraisals? Yes. You have to search and attach a form. You will not see the "Generate new form" button in the appraisal set up screen. 3. I have a system generated performance evaluation form for a Job position. The activities under the job position have changed. How do I get the changed activities get reflected in the form? Follow these steps.
  • Go to "Manage" -> "Form Designer".
  • Identify the System generated form for this position.
  • "Delete" the form.
  • Go to "Manage" -> "Job position".
  • Identify the job position for which the changes to be made.
  • Click 'Change" button.
  • Click the "Appraisal" tab.
  • "Delete" the existing form association.
  • Click "Generate new form" for the system to regenerate the form.
  • Changes will get reflected in the form.
4. I am planning to use a new form for performance evaluation. What will happen to the ongoing appraisals for employees? Will they see the new form? Existing ongoing appraisals will NOT reflect the new form. They will continue to use the old form. Only future appraisals will use the new form. 5. What do I do if ongoing appraisals have to use the new form? Delete the existing ongoing appraisals and start a new evaluation cycle.  

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