Company – Remove company


This section describes the steps involved in removing a company record from the system.

When you remove a company record in the system, its status is marked “deleted”. Removing operation is always a “Soft Delete”.


  1. All the employees who belong to this company have to be manually migrated to a new company. System does NOT stop you from deleting.
  2. All the Hire requests and Job positions which belong to this company have be handled manually.

Refer below for the steps.

  • Sign-in to Athri as user with L3 privileges and above.
  • Click "Manage" link from the top menu.
  • Click "Organization" link.
  • The list of existing companies screen appear.
  • Identify the "company" which is to be removed.
  • Click the "drop down arrow" next to the "change" button.
  • Click the 'Delete" link in the drop down Menu.
  • "Delete" confirmation dialog appears.
  • Press "Confirm" button to remove the company.

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