Create a Hire Request


Creating a Hire request is the first step in the Talent Acquisition process. This section explains the creation of a Hire request.

  • Each Hire request is related to one job position.
  • Job Position activities become the Job description.
  • Skills, Educational requirements and Experience fields are used from the Job position.
  • If educational requirements and experience fields are not available at job position level, it can be entered at the hire request level.
  • First part of the training gives a short overview of the “Job Position” and the attributes that are used for the creation.

In the next step, it takes the user through the Hire request creation Process.

If not specified, these are the default values for the various fields.
  • Hiring Request name - Generated based on the job position name.
  • Hiring Manager - Logged in User
  • HR Manager - HR manager of the organization of Logged in user.
  • Fill by - 3 Months from the current date.
  • Employment Type - Permanent
  • Employment Duration - Permanent.
  • Number of openings - 1

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