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Importing Excel data in to Athri is a three step process. You can import a maximum of 100 rows at a time.

  1. Select the data type to be imported and upload the Excel file (file format : .xls (or) .xlsx).
  2. Validate the uploaded data.
  3. Import the validated data.

The limit on the import is imposed keeping in mind the overall performance of the system and to avoid inadvertent mistakes in the data. Few point to consider for the data import process.

  • Import process is capable of  processing partially validated results. For example, if an Excel file has 10 rows  and two rows failed the validation, you can still process the remaining 8 valid rows.
  • The process can be cancelled between any of the above steps. You may decide to cancel import after validation errors. You can correct the errors in the Excel file and import it again.
  • All the “Foreign Keys” are codes for the corresponding entity. To explain, let us take the example of the User Import. As part of the import you are required to specify the job position and company of each user row in the Excel. You must specify the Job position code and company code for this. The system does not recognise the job position name or company name in these fields. This is applicable for all the foreign keys across the Excel templates.
  • For security reasons, the original uploaded excel file is not available through a URL link.
  • Upload History list in the Data import menu is your upload history. You can not view the history of others.
  • Sign-in to Athri as user with L5 privileges and above.
  • Click "System" link from the top menu.
  • Click "Data Import" link.
  • Your import list appears.
  • Click 'Import Data" button.
  • Select the data type of the import.
  • Proceed with the steps and import as prompted.
  • Click "Cancel" to abort an import at any time.

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