Data Import – Introduction


Athri’s data import tool let you import data from an Excel file. Data can inserted or updated using the tool. Data import is three step process,

  • Select the data type and upload the Excel file.
  • Read and Validate file.
  • Import the file after validation.

User has the option of aborting the process at any of the above steps. Athri also lets you import data with partial validated data. For example, if two of the ten rows in the failed validation, you can import the rest of the 8 rows skipping the rows which failed validation.At any time, the user has the option of viewing the history of the import which he has done.

For performance reasons and to avoid inadvertent mistakes, the number of rows which can be imported is limited to 100 rows. For importing more data, split the data in to multiple excel files or contact Athri support with the data files.

Data can be imported for the following entities.

  1. User (or) Employee
  2. Job position
  3. Activities for a Job position
  4. Skill
  5. Job position activity to skill relations.
  6. Candidate (Please note that the candidate resume file has to be manually uploaded. Import tool does NOT cover uploading the resume file from your device to the Athri server. )
  7. Company

The excel template format for each entity is available in the Data import tool itself.

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