Employee Goals – Introduction


Employee Goal setting and measuring the outcome is a critical component of employee performance management. Setting up goals helps the employees in achieving new heights and keep them motivated. Goals have to be specific, time bound, measurable and reasonably achievable (SMART). Goals can broadly be classified in to

  • Productivity related or¬†Efficiency related
  • Employee Development related.

Goals have to reviewed at regular intervals for progress and alignment and changes have to be made if there is a need for course corrections. Goals also have to be aligned with the vision of the organization. To accomplish a goal, employees need specific set of skills (or) they can be asked to accomplish a goal to acquire specific set of skills.

Athri uses an effective and intuitive goal setting and review process. An employee goal can be initiated either by an employee or the Manager. Once the goal is accepted and comes in to effect,  the goal is jointly reviewed by the manager and employee as part of performance evaluation. Goal review is on-demand and can be initiated at any time.

This section of reference guide explains the process of setting the goal which involves

  • Defining the goal.
  • Define milestones for achieving the goal.
  • Skills required to perform this goal.
  • Reference materials which help the employee while pursuing the goal.
  • Success measure(s) defined for measurement.

The guide also describes the process of initiation of goal either by Employee or by the Manager.

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