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This section describes the steps to change a form. The changes can be made to the core attributes as well as the questions in the form. Any changes you make to a form will get reflected to the existing assignments of the users to whom this form is assigned. Completed assignments by users will NOT reflect the changes.

Form designer is used for making changes to the question structure.

As part of the product road map, in future published forms will NOT be open for changes (or) Edit. This is to maintain the integrity of the evaluations. An changes to made has to be done to a new version.

Refer below for the steps to change the form.


  • Sign-in to Athri as user with L3 privileges and above.
  • Click "Manage" link from the top menu.
  • Click "Form Designer" link.
  • The list of existing forms in the system screen appear.
  • To change the questions (or) sections, click the "Form Designer" link below the form name.
  • To change the core attributes of the form, click "Change" button against the form name which needs to be changed.

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