Forms – Introduction


Form is one of the critical component in Athri. Forms are used through out the system for capturing the feedback. The feedback can be for

  • New hire request – Candidate Evaluation
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Employee Development plan/other plans feedback.
  • Others.

Some of the forms are auto generated by the system. These forms are

  • Employee Appraisal form based on the Job position activities.
  • Employee Goal review form based on the goals under review.
  • As part of product road map, the new hire candidate evaluation form will be auto generated for the specific job position.

A form in Athri is a collection of questions seeking feedback.

A form can have one or more sections. Questions are added to each section for logical grouping. For example, a new hire evaluation form will have one section seeking feedback on Candidate’s communication skills, another section focusing leadership skills and so on.

Forms use scales to compute the score. The scales can be defined at the question level or if you want to standardize your measurement scales at the Enterprise level, you can define a scale using system menu.

The next section deals with the creation of forms.

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