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Questions in a form are used to capture feedback/answers from the answer.Each question in a form belong to a specific section. Questions can be tagged with relevant skills if necessary. While providing feedback to a question, user can add additional comments if required.

Question controls can be broadly classified in to two

  • Questions which uses basic HTML controls like text box, radio buttons, check boxes, select box, date etc..
  • Questions which uses controls with custom scales defined using “System Setup →Scale” menu. These questions generally allows the user to select an option from a list of options.

Custom controls result in standardization of measurement and availability across the Enterprise.

Following scales are pre-built as part of the product.

  1. Agree to Disagree Scale
  2. Competency Scale
  3. Excellent to Bad Scale
  4. Experience Rating
  5. Goal Rating
  6. One to Ten Rating
  7. Performance Evaluation Scale
  8. Text Rating
  9. Yes-No Scale
  10. Yes-No-Maybe Scale

As a system administrator, you have the option of changing the options related to these scales. You require basic JSON knowledge to do this.

Refer the below screen capture for question add screen.

You first select the scale type from the “Field drop down” button in the Form designer toolbar. On selecting the scale type, the above dialog appears. In the question add screen,

Label : Question Text

Instructions : Any additional instructions for the user while providing feedback.

Bind to Section : To which section this question belongs.

Required : Does the user have to provide feedback or skip answering this question?

Allow comments : Additional comments which the user can provide while providing feedback. This is NOT applicable for Text fields, Text Rating control.

Options : Applicable for list type controls. The format for entering the options will be value=name. Refer the Q&A section below for example.

Allow multi-selection : From a list, allows the user to select multiple options.

*** After you add a question, the form is NOT saved. Use the “Save” button in the toolbar to save the form.


  • Click the "Field drop down" button in Form designer toolbar.
  • Select the type of question in the drop down.
  • Question add dialog appears.
  • Fill in the details and click "Save Changes".
  • To add another question, repeat the above steps.
  • Save your changes by clicking the "Save" button in the form designer toolbar.
Question : I want to add a list type question "In what direction, the sun rises?" with the options of all the four directions. Answer : In the question add dialog you need to enter, Label : In what direction the sun rises?" Options: "100=East", "0=West", "0=South", "0=North". This will assign 100%  if the user selects East as the answer.

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