Goal Review – Introduction


This section gives an introduction about the Goal review module which is part of the performance evaluation suite in Athri. Goal review is a critical component for the employee to align his tasks and activities to that of the Organisation’s vision and mission.

Review and progress of the goal is monitored by the employee’s manager. As part of the review of goals, an employee or the manager can

  • Add or remove milestones.
  • Review progress against the goal target date.
  • Manager can modify the target date if necessary.
  • Review of documents and logs.
  • Mark the goal as “Met” if the desired goal outcome is achieved.

Goal review process includes ‘Self Rating” by the employee and the “Manager Rating” by the manager.

For performance score computations, manager rating is considered final. Refer the below diagram for the steps involved in the Goal Review process.


Subsequent sections describe the goal review initiation, how employee and manager provides feedback and other details.

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