Goal Review – Providing feedback


Once a goal review is started, the goal review form is sent to the employee first for capturing the feedback and self rating by the employee. The self rated form is then sent to the reviewing manager for his feedback and rating. Once manager review complete, the completed goal review form is sent to the employee for sign-off.

Key features of the goal review process are

  • The goal review form is auto-generated based on the goals to be reviewed.
  • The rating scale is configurable based on the customer’s needs. Refer to the ‘System -> Scale’ for changing the default goal review scale.
  • As part of the goal review, employee or a manager can update progress, add or remove milestones. Also any supporting documents which are required for the review can be attached.
  • Reviewing manager reviews the progress and if the desired outcome is achieved, he can mark the goal as “Met”. Marking a goal as “Met” makes the goal status as “completed” and is removed from the employee’s open goals list.
  • As part of the review, the reviewing manager can recommend additional developmental needs.
  • Final performance score is based on the reviewing manager’s rating.

Refer the table below for the various goal review status and their meaning.

Status Owner Remarks
In Employee Review’ Employee Goal Review form is in Employee’s To Do List. Employee has to complete the form. After completion, the form is assigned to reviewing manager.
In Manager Review Manager Evaluation form is in Reviewing Manager’s To Do List. Reviewing manager can view the feedback and the self rating by Employee. Manager has to fill the feedback as well as the rating for each goal. After manager review, the goal review is sent to the employee for sign-off.
Employee Sign Off Pending Employee Evaluation form is in Employee’s To Do List. Employee has to launch the goal review form and sign-off on the feedback and ratings. This completes the review process


Refer the video below for details.

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