Goals – Add Goal (Employee)


An employee can set a goal for SELF and the process is explained in this section. Some of the key highlights are

  • Employees can set goal at any time.
  • The goal comes in to effect after it is reviewed and approved by Manager.
  • There is a no difference in the process between a personal development goal as well as the goals which are aligned with the Organization’s vision and mission.
  • There is no limit to the number of goals for an Employee.
  • Once a goal is set by an employee, only the Manager can remove the goal.

As part of the goal setting process, you can add any documents as reference materials. To set a goal an employee must provide the following information.

  • Goal Title.
  • Expected Outcome.
  • Target date for achieving the goal.
  • Goal description.
  • Milestones to achieve the goal.
  • Reference Material.

After an employee completes the above information, the goal is sent to Manager for review and approval.

1. Question I have set a goal and submitted for approval to my Manager. I want to make some changes now. If I make changes, will my Manager see it before he approves? Answer Yes. Your manager will be able to see your changes before he approves. 2. Question The goal I set is with my manager waiting for approval. Can I remove this goal? Answer Yes, you will be able to remove this goal. In the "Add Goal"page, click the"Delete" link beside the "Save" button.

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