Goals – Add Goal (Manager)


An employee goal can be set by the employee for self or by the manager in Athri. This section explains the process of setting up a goal by the Manager.

  • Employees can set goal at any time.
  • The goal comes in to effect after it is reviewed and accepted by the employee.
  • There is no limit on the number of goals for an Employee.

As part of the goal setting process, you can add any documents as reference materials. Also you can specify the skills required to achieve the goal. To set a goal you need

  • Goal Title
  • Expected Outcome
  • Target date for achieving the goal
  • Goal description.
  • Milestones to achieve the goal.
  • Reference Material (optional).
  • Skills required to achieve this goal (optional)

After the manager completes the above information, the goal is in “Draft” state. Manager assigns the goal to the employee for him to accept.


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