Goals – Review & Accept (Employee)


After a goal is assigned by the manager, employee gets notified that a goal is assigned to him and has to review and accept the goal. This section of the document explains the above process.

If an employee needs clarifications around the goal, the comments can be used to communicate with the manager.

Date on which the employee accepts the goal is considered as the goal start date.

1. Question I have accepted the goal. The status is in progress. I want some changes to be made to the description or outcome. How do I do it? Answer You can NOT change the goal once it is in progress. Contact your Manager for changing the goal. He can change the goal. 2. Question I have moved to a new role in the Organization. I was earlier pursuing a goal.  Now this goal is not relevant. How do I remove this goal from my list? Answer You can contact your present Manager to get the goal removed from your list. He can remove the goal.

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