Hire Request – Candidate Evaluation process overview


After a candidate is shortlisted for evaluation, HR Manager needs to set up the evaluation. This section describes the setting up of evaluation, how the feedback is collected from the evaluation team members, the consolidated results summary and the rest of the hiring process.

The evaluation team with their respective feedback forms is specified as part of the initial Hire request setup. Each shortlisted candidate is evaluated as per this setup.

  1. HR Manager coordinates with the Hiring Partner, candidate and the evaluation team and schedules discussions.
  2. Each evaluation team member a.ka. Assessor can access the Feedback form from the “To Do” section of the User Dashboard. Assessor has access to the job description and the candidate profile in their dashboard.
  3. Assessor provides the feedback using the feedback form.
  4. Athri collects feedback from all the members in the evaluation team and summarizes the results.
  5. HR manager and the Hiring Manager have access to the feedback and status at any time.
  6. After the candidates are evaluated, Hiring Manager looks at the summary and makes recommendations (Recommended for Hiring / Shortlist)
  7.  HR Manager communicates with the candidate and releases the offer after negotiations.
  8. Once the candidate becomes an employee, the evaluated skill profile as part of hiring is attached as the initial employee skill profile.

Refer the diagram below for a pictorial representation of the above process.


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