Hire Request – Candidate Evaluation Setup


After the candidate profile is shortlisted, evaluation cycle starts. First step in the evaluation cycle is setting up and scheduling of evaluation. This section explains how the HR Manager can set up the evaluation for a candidate and make any changes to the setup recommended at the hire request level.

The evaluation setup at the hire request level is a “recommended” setup. It can be changed at the candidate level based on the performance of the candidate during the evaluation. Evaluation steps can be added (or) removed.

Once the HR Manager sets up the evaluation, all the members in the evaluation team are notified through email that a candidate evaluation is due. They can access the feedback from the “To Do” section of the user dashboard page.

HR manager (or) the Hiring manager can change the members in the evaluation team based on the availability of the team.

This flexibility allows the Hiring Manager tailor the evaluation process and hire a better candidate.


1. Question I have set up evaluation for a candidate. One of the assessor is on vacation and not available. Can I replace the assessor with a different assessor? Answer Yes. You can change the assessor. If you want to replace the assessor permanently for future candidates, go to the Evaluation setup and replace the assessor. For the existing candidates, in the hiring status screen for a hire request, click on the name of the candidate. In the drop down, click the "Change" button against the specific evaluation step and replace the assessor. 2. Question I have set up the incorrect evaluation feedback form. Can I change it to the correct version? Answer Yes. You can change the form. Steps are similar to the answers for the first question. 3. Question We are in the middle of evaluating a specific candidate. The hiring manager feels that the one of his employees has to meet the candidate and assess before deciding. Is it possible to add one more step in the evaluation? Answer Yes, you can. In the hiring status screen of the Hire Request, click the name of the candidate. In the drop down screen, click the "Add Evaluation" link to add additional step. Similarly, you can remove any evaluation step for a candidate.

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