Hire Request – Candidate Profile Status descriptions


This section describes the various status of a candidate profile during the hiring process.

  1. Profile Submitted : Initial Status when a profile is submitted.
  2. Evaluation Setup Pending : When a candidate profile is shortlisted for Evaluation.
  3. Not Considered : When the resume of a candidate is not considered for evaluation.
  4. Inprogress : Evaluation of candidate is in progress.
  5. Regret : Candidate is rejected as part of evaluation.
  6. Recommended for Hiring : The Hiring manager has recommended the candidate for Hiring.
  7. Shortlisted : Candidate is profile is shortlisted. Hiring manager can indicate his choices using this status.
  8. Offered : Selected candidate has been offered this position and has not joined the organization.
  9. Hired : Candidate has joined the organization and has become an employee. The evaluated skill profile during hiring evaluation has been assigned as initial employee skill profile.

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