Hire Request – Close Hire request


After hiring is completed for a hire request, the hire request has to be closed. This section describes the closing process of the hire request.

Closing the hire request results in

  • Marking the status of the hire request as closed.
  • Candidate profiles whose status other than “Converted to Employee, Not Considered and Regret” will be marked as Closed.
  • Hiring Manager and Hiring Partners and the candidates are notified.


1. Question How do I view the "closed hire requests"? Manage->Hire Request brings me the open requests only. Answer Yes, you can see the closed requests. Click Manage->Hire Request. In the results, use the "Filter" Icon on the top right corner near the "New Position" button. In the filter window, select status as "Closed" and do "Search". You will be able to see the closed hire requests.

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