Hire Request – Convert a Candidate to Employee


Once an offered candidate for an opening joins the Organization, his employee profile is created. The next step in the process is mapping the evaluated skill profile as part of candidate evaluation to the newly created employee profile.

This important step ensures that the evaluation results as part of the candidate evaluation are NOT ignored, but used as the initial stepping stone for evaluating future performance evaluations.

Also the hiring manager as part of the onboarding process, can refer to targeted plans based on the gaps observed during evaluation.

This section describes the mapping process of migrating the candidate skill profile to employee profile.

1. Question I have mapped a candidate profile to "Employee Profile". Can I use the same candidate profile to map it to a different employee? Answer No. You can not use the same candidate profile again. You can do the mapping only once. System will stop you from doing so. 2. Question The candidate profile I want to migrate has been interviewed for multiple positions. Results are available for each hire request. Can I choose which result to map to employee profile? Answer Yes, you can choose the specific result set for mapping. 3. Question I have mapped a profile by mistake. Can I roll it back? Answer No, you can not roll back the mapping. You need to contact the technical team to roll back these change.

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