Hire Request – Evaluation Setup


Once a Hire request is created, the next step is to set up the evaluation.  Evaluation is specific to the job position for which you are hiring. Some positions involve multiple rounds of evaluation, where as junior level positions have less rigorous evaluation process. The setup involves identifying the evaluation team and the associated evaluation forms.


  • The evaluation setup (if defined) at the Job position is copied over. This is a recommended set up.
  • If required, an Administrator can over ride this setup by adding or removing the steps.
  • If the set up is not defined at job position level, an Administrator has to build the evaluation from scratch.

Each step in the in the evaluation set up requires the Administrator to specify

  1. Evaluation Name (for example, HR Discussion, Technical discussion etc..)
  2. Person who evaluates the candidate (Assessor).
  3. Feedback form to be used for by the evaluating person.

The feedback form can be specific to the nature of discussions during evaluation. For example, a feedback form used by a HR Manager will focus more on the communication, presentation and related HR skills of the candidate compared to the technical discussions which focuses on the technical skills of the candidate.

This flexibility in evaluation enables Athri to capture an accurate feedback about the candidate.

1. Question : I have a "Hire Request" whose evaluation is already set up. Candidate evaluation is in progress. If make changes to the evaluation set up now, what happens to the candidate evaluation? Answer: The changes you are making will be applicable for future candidates only. For existing candidates whose evaluation is 100% complete, no effect. They will adhere to the old version of the evaluation set up. For the existing candidates whose evaluation is in progress, you need to manually correct the set up information for each candidate. For example if there are 5 candidates whose evaluation is in progress, you need to make charges for all the 5 of them individually.    

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