Hire Request – Hire, Shortlist, Regret and other actions


The Hire request summary page helps the HR Manager (or) Hiring Manager to keep track of the candidate evaluation and make a recommendation for hiring. The Hire Request Summary page lists all the candidates with the relevant status for a specific hire request. This section describes the various actions which can be performed by the Hiring/HR manager.

  1. Start Evaluation : For the HR/Hiring Manager to start an evaluation, the status of the candidate should be “Evaluation Pending”.
  2. Regret : At any time, for all status except “Converted to Employee or offered”, the candidate can be rejected.
  3. Recommend for Hiring : For the HR/Hiring Manager to recommend a candidate hiring, all the evaluations should be complete and the progress should be 100%.
  4. Shortlist : To shortlist a candidate as back up, all the evaluations should be complete and the progress should be 100%.
  5. View Comments : View the comments about the candidate since the profile is created in the system. Please note that this is NOT the comments entered during evaluation.
  6. View Resume Screening Feedback : View the Resume Screening Form as filled by the HR Manager or Hiring Manager.
  7. Overall Score – View the overall average  score of a candidate. The overall score appears after the evaluation is 100% complete.
  8. Evaluation Feedback : HR/Hiring Manager can view the completed feedback form by the evaluation team. Also they can view the scoring from the individual assessment.
  9. Add Evaluation : For any reason, if the Hiring Manager feels that a specific candidate has to go for one more round of evaluation, an evaluation can be scheduled.
  10. Remove Evaluation : During the evaluation of the candidate, if the performance of the candidate is exemplary, the hiring manager may remove the remaining evaluations and decide to hire a candidate.
  11. Change Evaluation : HR/Hiring manager can change the assessor or the evaluation feedback form.
  12. Offered : After final negotiations, the HR Manager releases the offer to the candidate and marks the status as Offered. For the HR Manager to mark a candidate as offered, the existing status should be ‘Recommended for Hiring”.

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