Hire Request – Partner Dashboard


Once a hire request is published to a partner, they can start submitting candidate profiles. Each hiring partner have their own dashboard (separate URL and Sign-in). Hiring partner uses this dashboard to submit and track profiles for various openings published to them. This section explains the candidate profile submission process for an opening by a partner.

When a candidate profile is submitted, the system checks for occurrence of duplicates. This is done by matching

  • Email of the candidate.
  • Phone number of the candidate.

If a duplicate is detected, the system alerts the HR Manager for manual reconciliation. HR Manager will decide which profile to consider. Hiring partner is also alerted that a profile with similar attributes exist in the system and is under reconciliation.

A partner can submit the same profile for multiple hire requests.

Hiring partner can easily track the progress of the candidate in the Dashboard.

1. Question As a partner, I have submitted candidate profiles earlier for a Hire Request. HR Manager has removed the Hire Request from my openings. How do I keep track of the progress of the candidates profiles? Answer Since HR Manager has removed the hire request from your list, the hire request will NOT appear in the Openings tab. You can still keep track of the candidates using the History tab where all your profile submissions are listed and can be tracked. 2. Question I have submitted a specific profile for a hire request some times back. I want to submit the same profile for a different hire request. What will happen to the candidate profile? Answer Your latest profile is always considered. The resume document is updated with the latest copy and the profile is updated. 3. Question A profile I submitted is under reconciliation. Looks like the same profile was submitted by others. After reconciliation by HR Manager what happens? Answer If the HR Manager as part of reconciliation considers your version, the candidate profile is updated that it has been referred by you. Else the referred by field will be updated with the relevant name. 4. Question How will I know that a profile I submitted is shortlisted for evaluation? DO I need to check the dashboard frequently? Answer The outcome of resume screening process (Considered / Not Considered) by the HR (or) the Hiring manager will be known to you through email notification. It is a good idea to check the Dashboard. 5. Question If a profile I submitted is rejected, will I know why it was rejected? Answer You will not know the reason for rejection. You need to take up with the HR manager offline. There is a plan in the product road map to introduce this feature.

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