Hire Request – Profile Screening Process Overview


Once a profile is submitted for a Hire request, it has to be reviewed and suitable candidate profiles have to be scheduled for further Evaluation. This section describes the resume screening process.

After a candidate profile is posted either by a partner or through a referral or by an internal applicant, the HR manager is notified that a profile is available for screening.

If there is potential duplicate, the system alerts the HR Manager about the need for reconciliation. Refer Reconciliation process section for details.

If there is no need for reconciliation, HR Manager reviews the resume with the help of Skill Profile Indexer and decides if the profile is

  • Suitable for Evaluation
  • Not consider the resume and reject it.
  • If doubtful, the profile can be referred to the Hiring Manager.

The screening feedback is standardized. HR manager or the Hiring Manager fills up a Resume Screening form at the end of the resume screening. This is an enterprise level standard form (Resume Screening Form (DEF-CV-SCREEN-FORM). Refer the Form designer for customizing this form.

The outcome of the screening process is communicated to the Hiring Partner/Referrer/Employee through an email.

If a candidate is shortlisted, the HR manager will schedule the evaluation after contacting the partner/candidate.

Refer the below diagram which summarizes the screening process.

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