Hire Request – Profile Screening


This section describes the how the HR Manager reviews the resume and make a decision to

  • Proceed with the evaluation of the candidate
  • Regret or Not consider a candidate for the opening
  • Refer the profile to the Hiring Manager for final decision.

From the Hiring dashboard, HR manager reviews the resume, uses the Skill indexer for checking the relevancy of the resume with the opening.

If a profile is referred to the Hiring Manager, the screening process is similar to that of the HR manager. Hiring Manager can proceed with evaluation (or) he can reject the profile.

In order to standardize the screening process, HR manager is required to complete the “Resume Screening Form”. This form is available as part of the core installation and can be customized to the Enterprise needs. Refer Form designer for customizing the Resume screening form.

The Skill indexer scans the candidate resume and identifies the occurrence of Skill key words in the document. Refer Skill Documentation for setting up skill key words.


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