Hire Request – Referrals


Once the hire request is published and if referrals are allowed for that opening, an employee can refer a candidate. This section describes the Employee Referral process.

Employees can refer candidates and keep track their referrals. They are also notified of the progress of the profiles (Shortlisted for Evaluation / Not considered) and also the outcome of the complete evaluation.

Employees can refer a candidate even if there are no job openings. Athri will store these profiles in its vault and any HR manager can consider this profile for future hire requests.

1. Question I have referred a friend by mistake. I want to withdraw the referral. Is it possible? Answer Yes, you can change or withdraw a referral at any time. Go to 'Referral History" and click on "Change"  to change the referral. To withdraw a referral click the "Trashcan" Icon.

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