Hiring Overview


Talent acquisition is a very crucial component in the Organization. The Hiring section in this guide describes the various entities and processes involved in talent acquisition.

The Hiring Section covers the following aspects

  • Relation between Job Position and a Hire request.
  • How to raise a hire request?
  • Evaluation workflow specific to a Job Position (or) Enterprise specific workflows.
  • Who are Hiring Partners and the process of publishing a hire request to the partners.
  • How the candidate profiles are submitted by the Hiring Partners?
  • Referrals and Internal Hiring.
  • Role of the Hiring Manager and HR Manager in Hiring
  • How the resumes are shortlisted and candidates are scheduled for next level of evaluation?
  • Candidate performance summary dashboard.
  • How HR manager and Hiring managers are tracking a request?
  • Notifications related to hiring.
  • Reports related to hiring.
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