Hiring Process – Introduction


This section describes the processes involved in hiring a candidate for a position. This process can be split in to two parts

  • Resume Screening
  • Candidate Evaluation

The following picture gives a top level view of the steps involved.



To summarize the above process

  1. HR Manager or the Hiring Manager raises a “New Hire Request” for a Job Position.
  2. HR Manager based on the job position will publish the request to the Hiring Partners. This is based on the area of specialization of recruiting for the Hiring Partners.
  3. In consultation with the Hiring Manager, HR manager decides if Referrals / Internal applicants are allowed to apply for this opening.
  4. If the Job Position has the evaluation setup, it is copied over. Otherwise, based on the HR Policy, HR Manager may go for a standard ‘Enterprise Evaluation Process’ (or) defines an ‘Evaluation Workflow’ based on the job position. This is done in consultation with the Hiring Manager.
  5. Each Hiring Partner has their own Dashboard through which they submit and track profiles.
  6. Based on the suitability, HR Manager shortlists the candidate profiles with feedback from the Hiring Manager.
  7. Each shortlisted candidate goes through the evaluation based on the Evaluation setup.
  8. Using the Hiring Dashboard, the hiring manager  recommends the candidate suitable for Hiring.
  9. HR Manager updates the progress after releasing the offer.
  10. Once the candidate is onboard, the Hire Request is closed by the HR Manager.

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