Hiring – Reports – My Hire Requests Report


This report lists the hire requests both open and closed for which you are either a Hiring Manager or a HR Manager.

This report is a top level report comprising 3 underlying reports for better analysis and details. The analysis path of this report chain are

  1. My Hire Requests Report (Top level)
  2. Hire Request Summary Report (For a specific Hire Request)
  3. Hire Request Candidate list ReportĀ (For a specific Hire Request)
  4. Candidate Evaluation Detail Report (For a specific Hire Request, Candidate)

My Hire Requests report uses “Status” as a filter. Users can use this filter to narrow down ‘Open” or “Closed” Hire requests only.

  1. Sign-in to Athri.
  2. Click "Reports" from the top level menu or from the bottom tool bar.
  3. In the Reports screen, click "My Hire Requests" report.

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