Hiring – Reports – Open Hire Requests – Candidate List


This report lists the candidates for all the Open hire requests for which you are either a Hiring Manager or a HR Manager.

This report is a top level report comprising 1 underlying report  The analysis path of this report chain are

  1. Open Hire Requests – Candidate List (Top level)
  2. Candidate Evaluation Detail Report (For a specific Hire Request, Candidate)

Open Hire Requests – Candidate List supports the following filters to narrow the results

  • Candidate name
  • Job position
  • Status
  • Hiring Partner
  • Score Greater than

This report is mainly used for tabulating the hiring status for a hire request.

  1. Sign-in to Athri.
  2. Click "Reports" from the top level menu or from the bottom tool bar.
  3. In Reports list page, click "Hiring Reports" link.
  4. In the Reports screen, click "Open Hire Requests - Candidate List" report.

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