Job Position – Create new position – Step 1


This section describes the job position creation process in Athri. To define a job position Athri, you require

  • Job position Name (required)
  • Job position code (required)
  • Job position level¬† (required)
  • Parent Job position. This is the next level job position if an employee is promoted as part of career progression.¬† (optional)
  • Company to which the Job position belongs (optional)
  • Activities to be performed as part of the position (optional)
  • Skill association for each activity (optional)
  • Hiring set up information which includes Educational requirements, prior experience. (optional)
  • New hire evaluation work flow. (optional)
  • Appraisal form. Athri can auto generate an appraisal form based on the underlying activities (or) you can manually associate a form. (optional)

It is NOT a must to define activities for the job position. If you do not use the activity association, you must

Manually define the job description for each new hire request.

Manually attach an appraisal form.

You will lose the skill functionality.

Refer below for the steps to create a new job position.

  1. Sign-in to Athri as user with L3 privileges and above.
  2. Click "Manage" link from the top menu.
  3. Click "Job Position" link.
  4. The list of existing job positions screen appear.
  5. Click "New Position" button at the top right hand corner.
  6. Job position create screen appears.
  7. Fill in the required fields and optional fields.
  8. Click "Create" button at the bottom.
  9. The new job position is created and you will be taken back to the Job position List screen.

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