Job Position – Create new position – Step 3 (Hiring Setup)


This section details the steps involved in setting up the parameters for Hiring. For hiring set up you require

  • Educational Qualifications.
  • Prior Experience.
  • Hiring workflow created and published using the “Manage” -> “Workflow” section.

Hiring setup at the job position results in the standardization of hiring process.

A few points to consider

The hiring setup can be overridden at the Hiring Request level. For example, the educational qualification defined at the job position can be changed when you create a new hire request for this position.

Hiring Setup at the job position is completely “Optional”. If this set up is not done, you have to set up the Evaluation workflow, Qualifications and Experience manually when you create a hire request every time.

Refer below for the steps to do the Hiring setup.

  • Sign-in to Athri as user with L3 privileges and above.
  • Click "Manage" link from the top menu.
  • Click "Job Position" link.
  • The list of existing job positions screen appear.
  • Identify the "job position" which needs change.
  • Click the "Change" button against the job position.
  • Job position edit screen appears.
  • Click the "Hiring Setup" tab link.
  • Enter the "educational qualification" and "prior experience" information.
  • Click "Save" button.
  • To set up the Evaluation workflow, click the "Add Evaluation" button.
  • Workflow list containing the published workflows appears.
  • Select the desired workflow.
  • Click "Assign" button to assign the Evaluation workflow.

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