Job Position – Introduction


Job position is one of the core component in Athri Talent Manager.  Athri’s dynamic behavior is dependent on the Job position definition.

A job position (or Job role) is defined as a collection of activities to be performed by the employee who belongs to that job position. Each activity can have one or more “skills” associated. These skills can be a “must have” or “desirable” in nature. Please refer the diagram below for pictorial representation of the job position.


Skill association for an activity is NOT compulsory. If skill association is not used,

  • Employees will not have any skill profile associated with them.
  • Skill related reports and Skill metrics in Talent Analytics module will not be available.
  • Candidate resumes will not be indexed against skill.
  • Suggestion engine in the training module is not available.

The job position definition is used to

  • Dynamically derive an Employee Appraisal form
  • Generate a Hire request for a Job position
  • Candidate Resume indexing.
  • Suggest training needs.

Creation of Job position is the first step in the Enterprise roll-out process.

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