Multi-rater Evaluation – Initiate Evaluation


This section describes the steps to start a Multi-rater evaluation for an Employee. Any manager in the managerial hierarchy  or the HR manager can start the evaluation. To start an evaluation, you require

  • A minimum of 3 members who will rate the employee.
  • Evaluation form to be used for recording the feedback.
  • Evaluation Period (From date to To date)
  • Reviewing Manager (defaulted to the Employee’s Manager)
  • Rating Scheme Anonymous or Non-anonymous (defaulted to Anonymous)

All the participants including the reviewing manager will use the same evaluation form. The multi-rater evaluation when initiated will be in Draft state. The manager will have to explicitly start the evaluation for the form to be assigned to the rating team .

Refer below for the steps to initiate a multi-rater evaluation for an employee.

  1. Sign-in to Athri.
  2. Click the "Team" link in the top menu.
  3. From the direct reports list, locate the employee for whom multi-rater evaluation is required.
HR Manager
  1. Sign-in to Athri.
  2. Click the "HR Corner" link in the top menu.
  3. From the employee list, locate the employee for whom a multi-rater evaluation is required.
4. Click the Employee's name (or) "More" link. 5. Employee summary page appears. 6. Under "Reviews" section click the "Start Review" link. 7. In the drop down menu, select "Multi-rater evaluation". 8. The initiate multi-rater screen appears. 9. Fill in the details. 10. Click "Initiate" button . 11. This will save the multi-rater evaluation in Draft State.  

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