Multi-rater Evaluation – Introduction


This section gives an introduction about the Multi-rater evaluation(MRA) module which is part of the performance evaluation suite in Athri. Multi-rater evaluations are generally done to gather feedback about the developmental needs of the employee. Of late, they are increasingly being used for performance evaluations too. To factor this, in Athri the multi-rater feedback is always moderated by the Manager. This is mainly to improve the accuracy of the feedback and weed out any biases.

The key aspects of multi-rater evaluation are

  • A multi-rater evaluation by a manager in the manager hierarchical chain or a HR Manager.
  • While initiating a multi-rater evaluation, the mode can be set as “Anonymous” or “Non-anonymous“.
  • By default, the multi-rater evaluation is done in anonymous mode. In anonymous mode, the rating member’s name is not revealed to the Employee or the Manager or the HR Manager.
  • All the members in the rating team use the same feedback form.
  • After all the members complete their evaluation, the Evaluation form is sent to the Manager.
  • Manager views the feedback from each member and assigns a final rating.
  • Manager rating is final and his rating is considered for scoring.
  • A rating team requires a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5 members.

Refer the below diagram for the process flow.

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