Multi-rater – Providing feedback


After a multi-rater is started,  the evaluation form is assigned to the members in the rating team. Once all of them complete the evaluation, the form is assigned to the manager for review.

This section describes the steps involved in completing the multi-rater evaluation.

Status Owner Remarks
Not started Manager (or) HR Manager Evaluation is not yet ready. It is in draft state. Manager or the HR Manager has to start the evaluation to make it active.
Evaluation in progress Rating team Evaluation form is in rating team member’s To Do List in the home page. Member of the rating team will launch the form from the “To Do” list and completes it.
Manager Review Reviewing Manager Evaluation form is in Reviewing manager’s To Do List. This happens after all the members in the rating team have finished the evaluation. Reviewing Manager can view the feedback by the members of the rating team. Reviewing Manager moderates the feedback  and does the final rating. After completion, evaluation is moved to completion.


Refer the video below for details.

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