Performance – Introduction


Employee performance is crucial to the success of any Organization. Having high performing employees with goals aligned to to the Organization’s vision ensures higher employee motivation and success. Athri enables you to measure the performance through

  • Appraisal
  • Multi rater assessment
  • Goal Review

Performance evaluation is On Demand and can be initiated at any time by the Manager or the HR Manager. An employee can go through one more of the above evaluations. Refer the diagrams below.

Operational employees like assembly line workers can go through an Appraisal by the manager. The appraisals can be initiated any time by the Manager or the HR Manager. Each year they can go through one or more appraisal cycles.


Employees who are in the support role may have to interact with customers and others for providing effective support. Such employees can go through Appraisal and Multi rater evaluation. The rating team in the multi rater evaluation can be customers or other employees who received support.


A line manager or employees in the Middle management may have Appraisal, Goal Reviews and Multi rater evaluations. Peers and the team can participate in the Multi rater evaluations. The employee’s manager tracks the progress of the goal through periodic review.



The performance of the senior management is generally tracked through the goals. For example, for a CEO in an organization, the board may review the goal progress and individual board members may provide feedback through a multi rater evaluation.


All the above evaluations are on demand in nature and can be conducted as needed. Athri will average the performance evaluations on a yearly basis.

1. Who can Initiate a performance review? Employee's Manager or the HR Manager or any Manager in the managerial hierarchical chain of the Employee. 2. Is it possible to do a peer review? The peer review is currently done through Multi rater evaluations. Multi rater evaluations have the limitation of requiring a rating team with minimum strength. There is a plan in the product road map to include peer review on a one on one basis.

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