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These reports cater to the needs of a HR Manager of an Organization. Please note that you need to sign-in as a HR manager since the reports use the signed-in user’s ID for generating output. Below is the list of the available reports.

1. HR Manager – Employee List Report : Employee list of the organization(s) for which signed-in user is the HR Manager. The employee’s name, sign-in name, email, job position Manager, Company and other details are listed as part of results. You can filter the results by employee name, email, manager name, job position and company.

2. HR Manager Yearly Performance Review Report : At organization level (for which you signed-in user is the HR Manager), this report gives the feedback on performance review of employees. Useful for tracking the results, work with managers for improving employee performance and others. The results can be filtered by employee name, review period, status, organization and evaluating manager name.

3. HR Performance Review – Detail Report : Performance report with Details. Report includes the employee name, manager,jobposition, company, reviewer name, review period, rating by the employee and reviewer and status.

4. HR Inprogress Performance Review Report : This report is useful for tracking the performance reviews which are currently in progress. Mainly used for follow up with the employee or manager or the reviewing manager. Performance reviews whose status is NOT Completed are only considered. This report is at the HR Organization level.

5. HR Goals Inprogress report : This report provides the HR manager with the list of goals which are being worked on by the members in the Organization. Useful for the manager to track (or) schedule reviews. You can filter the results by employee name, job position or target date.

6. HR Open Plan Status Report : List of plans pending for the members in your HR Organization and their status. This report includes all plan categories i.e. development, transition, succession plans or on the job training. You can filter the data by plan name, plan category, plan duration, status, due date and by the name of team member. This report is mainly used for tracking and follow up.

7. HR Yearly Activity report : This report provides the HR manager with the summary of activities performed during a specific year. The activities include the completed goals, completed plans, employee’s help in new hire evaluations. This provides information which helps the HR Manager an overall view of the activities in the organization.

8. HR Manager Skill Gap Report : List of employees whose skill score is less than the required score as per their job position. The report fetches the employees of the organization(s) whose HR Manager is the logged in user.

  • Sign-in to Athri as as HR Manager.
  • Click "Reports" link from the top menu.
  • Based on your privilege, the report panel lists the report groups available for you to run.
  • Click the "HR Manager Reports" link.
  • Reports available under "HR Maneger Reports" is displayed.
  • Click the required report title to run the report.

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