Reports – Introduction


Reports in Athri can be classified in to operational and analytical reports. Operational reports cater to the needs of the Manager or a HR Manager or a team lead. Analytical reports work mainly at the Organizational level and provide insight for the Senior Management.

The reports are classified as

My Reports : Reports for the regular user. Reports related to goals, plans, performance reviews,skills and the activities (To Do list)

My Team reports : Reports for the Line Manager or Team Lead. Track direct reports goals,performance reviews,skills, skill gaps, plans and activities related reports. Visible to Level 2 Privilege users.

HR Manager reports : As a HR manager, track your organization’s goals, performance, skills, skill gaps, onboarding status, development plans and the activities of the employees. Visible to Level 3 Privilege users.

Hiring Related Reports: Track your open hire requests, generate a list of your hire requests in the past, their status, the number of profiles against hire request(s). Visible to Level 2 Privilege users.

Talent Analysis : Get a new perspective around your organization’s talent metrics. Ranked and list reports covering skill, performance and hiring metrics. Visible to Level 4 Privilege users.

System Reports: For the system and data administrators. Reports related to data audit and cleanup and other system parameters. Visible to Level 5 Privilege users.


Most of the report support the ‘Filters and Export to Excel” feature. Report output can be exported to an Excel file for analysis and distribution.

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