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These reports are for the regular user of Athri (Level 1 user privilege). These reports use the signed-in user’s id to generate output. These reports are

1. My Performance Review Report :List of signed-in user’s completed performance reviews. The review includes  appraisal, multi rater evaluations, and Goal reviews. Data can be viewed by year, review type using the filters.

2. My Goals Report: List of Goals assigned to signed-in user. This list includes both the in progress and completed goals. Data can be viewed by year, goal status and goals which are past the due date using the filters.

3. My Activities (To Do) Report : List of activities assigned to logged-in user through the “To Do” list. This list includes candidate evaluations, appraisals, employee feedback through multi rater evaluations, goal reviews for self and for any direct reports and plan related activities. This report includes both the assigned and completed items

4. My Plans Report : List of plans assigned to me. This list includes all types of plans. This report includes both the assigned and completed plans. Data can be viewed by year, plan type and status using the filters.

  • Sign-in to Athri.
  • Click "Reports" link from the top menu.
  • Based on your privilege, the report panel lists the report groups available for you to run.
  • Click the "My Reports" link.
  • Reports available under "My Reports" is displayed.
  • Click the required report title to run the report.

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