Reports – System Reports


These reports are data and system administrators. These reports related to data audit and cleanup and other system parameters.

1. Employee No Job Description Report : This report list the employees whose job position does not have any activities. The job position plays a critical role for performance evaluation, development planning and other employee related activities. This is a data audit report for the administrator.

2. Job Position No Activities Report : This report list the jobpositions with out any activities defined as part of the position. The skill requirements for a job position is defined through the activities. This is a data audit report for the administrator.

3. Organization Employee Head Count Report : This report provides the number of employees in each organization. Using this report, the user will be able to drill down to specific organization for further analysis.

4. Organization – Employee List Report : Employee list in the Organization. The employee’s name, sign-in name, email, job position Manager, Company and other details are listed as part of results. You can filter the results by employee name, email, manager name, job position and organization.

5. Organization No Employee Report : This report list the organizations where there are no employees.This is a data audit report for the administrator.

6. Unutilized Skills Report : his report list the skills which are not associated with any job positions.This is a data audit report for the administrator.


  • Sign-in to Athri as System/Data Administrator.
  • Click "Reports" link from the top menu.
  • Based on your privilege, the report panel lists the report groups available for you to run.
  • Click the "System Reports" link.
  • Reports available under "System Reports" is displayed.
  • Click the required report title to run the report.

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