Set up – Introduction


As a new customer after your corporate account is set up, you will receive an email with the system administrator login details. Before your proceed further, you need to reset the password in the system. If Google authentication is used, you can skip the step of resetting the password.

The first step is to tailor Athri to suit your Enterprise needs and branding. Setup helps you to do this. Using setup you can

  • Turn ON/OFF the menu.
  • Create and edit scales used in the form designer.
  • Create and maintain Hiring partner accounts. Using this account, each hiring partner will have access to their own portal through which they will submit/track candidate profiles.
  • Turn ON/OFF email notifications. If you feel a specific email notification is not required for you, you can turn OFF that notification.
  • Turn ON/OFF Reports.
  • You can upload your corporate logo (large and mobile devices). Also you can change the page title to reflect your corporate tag line.

You need L5 privilege to do all the above.

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