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Scales are used in the Form designer in Athri. Usage of scales in Athri results in Enterprise wide visibility and standardization of measurement.

Scale definition is language sensitive and Athri picks up the appropriate display based on the user’s language preference. Definition of scale grammar,  requires the knowledge of JSON. It is advisable to copy an existing scale grammar and make changes in the copy.

Athri comes with the following scales along with installation.

One to Ten Rating
Yes-No Scale
Agree to Disagree Scale
Excellent to Bad
Yes-No-Maybe Scale
Text Rating
Goal Rating
Performance Evaluation Scale
Experience Rating
Disagree to Agree – Reverse
Competency Scale
Excellent to Bad Scale

You can change any of the above scales to suit your needs.

Scale Grammar

The scale grammar has language indicator, and for each language the name of the scale and the options for a list control, maximum and minimum definitions.

Example below defines a ‘Yes/No/May be” scale for English and French language.



{ "scale_name": "Yes/No/Maybe",
"options": { "0": "No","50":"May be", "100": "Yes" }


{  "scale_name":"Oui/Non/Peut être",
"options": { "0": "Non","50":"Peut être", "100": "Oui" }


"maximum": "100",
"minimum": "0"

In the above example, the user is presented with a “Select List” with options “Yes”, “No”, and “May be” for a question. Based on the user selection, the weightage is assigned. If the user selects “May be”, a weightage of 50% is assigned.

Refer the diagram below as to how the scale name and options are used in the form designer



  • Sign-in to Athri as user with L5 privileges and above.
  • Click "System" link from the top menu.
  • Click "Setup" link.
  • Click "Scale" link.
  • List of available scales in the system appears.
Create a New Scale
  • For creating a new scale, click the "New scale" button.
Change the scale
  • For changing an existing scale, click the "Change" button against the scale name.
Deleting a Scale
  • Identify the "scale" which is to be removed.
  • Click the "drop down arrow" next to the "change" button.
  • Click the 'Delete" link in the drop down Menu.
  • "Delete" confirmation dialog appears.
  • Press "Confirm" button to remove the form.
1. Question : If I delete a scale, what will happen to the forms where this scale is used? Answer: The forms will retain the scales. Only new forms  in the future will not be able to use this scale.  

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