Team – Introduction


The team interface in Athri helps the manager in an Enterprise to manage his/her team’s talent pool. Through this interface a manager can

  • View the Employee’s skill profile
  • Based on the skill profile, can suggest improvement or next level plans. Keep track of employee’s progress.
  • Initiate and assign goal for employees, track employee goal progress and initiate goal reviews.
  • Write and review personal review notes for each employee.
  • Initiate performance reviews which can be an appraisal or a multi rater evaluation or a goal review.
  • Keep track of the “To Do” list for each employee.
  • The team view also gives a manager the “drill-down” capability, that is drill down the direct reports of a manager who is reporting to him.
  • Change his/her direct report’s picture.

Refer below screen capture  for the capabilities provided for a manager for an individual direct report.


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