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A manager can use the “Review notes” functionality in Athri to add notes about his/her direct report . These notes can be a useful tool for the manager to add notes/comments about an employee whenever it is necessary. These notes can be referred during the performance evaluation.

The notes are strictly “private” and only the author of the notes can view them. Notes can be added, changed or deleted at any time.

Refer below for the steps to add, change or delete a note.

  • Sign-in to Athri as Manager.
  • Click "Team" link from the top menu.
  • Manager's direct reports list appears.
  • Click the name of the direct report for whom the notes to be added/changed/deleted.
  • Direct report summary panel appears.
Adding a Note
  • Click "Add Note" link under the "Notes" heading.
  • Enter the notes.
  • Click "Save changes" to add the note.
Changing a note
  • To change a note, click the 'View notes" link in the direct report summary panel under notes heading.
  • List of notes for the specific employee appears.
  • Identify the note which requires a change.
  • Click the "Change" link below the notes.
  • Make the required changes and click "Save changes".
Delete a note
  • To delete a note¬†click the 'View notes" link in the direct report summary panel under notes heading.
  • Identify the note which requires to be deleted.
  • Click the 'Trash can" icon next to the note.
  • The note will be deleted from the system.
  1. I have added a note for one of my direct report. He is now reporting to a different manager. Can the new manager view the notes which I entered earlier?
  • The new manager can NOT view the notes you entered. Your notes are strictly private and only you can view them.

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