Team – To Do List


Manager in an Enterprise can view the “To Do” list of his/her direct report. This is mainly to keep track of the pending activities by an employee or for follow up.

Manager can NOT delete or reassign the ‘To Do” list for an employee. If a change is required he can contact the HR Manager for the organization to do the change.

The “To Do” list for an employee can be

  • Candidate evaluation for one of the open position.
  • Fill the appraisal form as part of the performance review
  • Accept the appraisal outcome.
  • Accept the Goal assigned by the manager.
  • Fill in the Goal Review form as part of the performance review.
  • Accept the Goal review outcome.
  • Fill the Multi rater evaluation form for an employee in the organization.
  • Fill any evaluation form associated with development/transition/succession plan.

Refer below for the steps to view the “To Do” list for an employee.

  • Sign-in to Athri as Manager.
  • Click "Team" link from the top menu.
  • Manager's direct reports list appears.
  • Click the name of the direct report for whom the notes to be added/changed/deleted.
  • Direct report summary panel appears.
  • Click "To Do" link. Number in bracket denotes the number of items which are open in the "To Do" list.
  • To do list of that employee is displayed.

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